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The Finance Solution To The Perfect Vehicle For Your Business Needs.

Purchase the perfect vehicle for your business needs with our tailored business vehicle finance options. Enjoy money-saving features, potential tax deduction benefits, and with unlimited free extra repayments, you could take a month off payments when you need to ease your cash flow.

Which Business Vehicle Finance Solution is For Me?

For a long time, vehicle leasing was an option only available to businesses or self-employed individuals.

A novated lease turns this on its head, allowing you as an employee to enjoy the tax benefits of leasing a car. Simply sign a finance agreement with your employer who deducts the payments from your pre-tax pay, thereby reducing your taxable income and saving you money.

Once the lease expires, there are several options available to you, including changing vehicles or even buying it outright.
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As a business owner offering salary packaging, you can help your employees get more for their money with our novated lease solution.

As an employer, you’ll benefit from providing your employees with their preferred choice of vehicle without the overheads of a company car. As loan payments come out of the employee's pre-tax salary, it won’t be a liability for you or your business.
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Hire Purchase is a great business vehicle finance option for self-employed individuals, letting you use your dream car at the same time as paying for it in monthly instalments. The Lender will pay for the car and ‘hire’ it out to you until all loan payments are complete.

Enjoy the flexibility of optional balloon payments to help manage your loan according to your cash flow, and take full advantage of potential tax deductions, as a portion or all of your GST could be claimed back. If the amount your vehicle is financed for falls below the ATO’s depreciation limit, then the whole lease may be tax-deductible.
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Why Choose a Mortgage House Car Loan?

Take a month off

Need a break to ease your cash flow? Simple. With the flexibility of our fail-safe redraw facility, when you’ve made enough extra repayments to cover your next month's payment, you can take a month off!

Borrow more

Employers, employees and self-employed individuals may be eligible to borrow more than the price of the car to help cover expenses like insurance and on-road costs.

24-hour approvals

When you have all your documents and the application ready to go, we won’t hold you up - you could get the perfect car for your business or employees ready to purchase the very same day.

Bundle and save even more

Our customers benefit from discounted low rates on bundle deals, and you can too. When you take out business vehicle finance, we can offer great discounts on our home loans if you're looking to refinance or purchase a new home.

Am I eligible for Business Vehicle Finance?

We have two types of Business Vehicle Finance options available. The first one is a Car Hire Lease which is suitable for the self-employed who use their car for work a lot. The second option is a Novated Lease suitable for business owners and employees who enter into a salary packaging arrangement to help the employee fund the car from pre-tax income. The main benefit of both options are the tax benefits that can be claimed. You may be eligible for business vehicle finance if you fall in these categories.

What are the benefits of vehicle finance?

The biggest benefit of vehicle finance is the tax benefits you can claim while driving the car you want. For example, if you’re self-employed and registered for GST, then either a portion or the whole amount of your payments can be claimed back. As an employee, if your employer offers salary packaging, you could sign a finance agreement with them so that they can deduct your car loan payments from your pre-tax salary. This would benefit you as it reduces your taxable income.  Can I pay off a car loan quicker?

Can I pay off a car loan quicker?

Yes you can make unlimited extra payments directly into your loan and pay it down quickly and save on interest. This is also a good way to build up savings for a rainy day. You can access the extra payments using the redraw facility. Direct salary crediting into your loan offset account is another way to save money because that way you only pay interest on the difference between the balance in your offset account and your loan amount.

Is a car loan right for me?

Whether you’re looking to buy your first car or upgrade to a newer, more safer and economical model, you may not have ready cash to buy a car outright. That’s where a car loan comes in handy. It allows you to own your car now and pay it off over a set period of time with regular repayments. We also have different car loan options for personal use and business use so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Benefits of Being a Mortgage House Customer

  • Quick and easy application process with less paperwork needed
  • Unlimited and free redraws of additional repayments
  • Variable and Fixed Rates with no penalties on fixed rate loans
  • Innovative online services designed to assist you

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Looking at refinancing your home loan to get a better deal? Our super-low home loan rates and money-saving features could lower your monthly repayments and give you more financial flexibility.


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